One of the things that I like to do very much is draw. Unfortunately I was born without the skills to draw anything recognizable. And trust me, high school art teachers are brutal if your talents don’t lie in the traditional sense of drawing and painting.  I do, however, have an ok sense of design and colour and a talent for textiles and I managed to squeak through two years of art school before giving up and accepting my fate as a student of English Lit.    But my desire to draw has never gone away.

Enter, Zentangle!  The creators of Zentangle have taken the sort of mindless doodling we all do and put order and reason to it.  They believe that anything is possible ‘one stroke at a time’ (that is the tagline, I’m not that witty).  Zentangle is based on the idea that deliberate strokes can make beauty, even if you aren’t drawing classic art.  The tangles themselves are based on repetitious patterns.  Anyway, though I hope someday to become a trained teacher of this particular art form, for now I draw all the time which just makes me so happy.

Since I haven’t been knitting lately, I thought I’d preach Zentangle to my two readers (Hi Liz!).  If you are interested in Zentangle I recommend you check it out. Maybe it can bring 15 minutes of art to your day!

Here are a few of my most recent tangles and zentangle inspired art pieces.  I just keep a sketch book or two around, nothing fancy yet!


Challenge 22 Zentangle




If you are interested in more great photos, check out the Zentangle group on flickr.

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