Hiya! I’m Rachel, a knitter in my early thirties. I live in beautiful Ontario, Canada with my husband and two delightful kitties! I have been knitting for most of my life and I also enjoy many other facets of fibre arts. I love to bake, and have been slowly adapting recipes to be gluten free. I also have RSD/CRPS which is a disorder that leaves me in chronic pain. I am affected in my right lower leg, which severely impacts walking. Good thing knitting lets me sit!


I especially love knitting lace.  Nancy Bush is my hero!  I am constantly amazed by the talent and creativity of knitting community.  While some aspects of Ravelry (which killed the knitting blog, in my opinion) are less than optimal for all (the message boards and pack mentality of many members), I truly feel that the the encouragement given to new designers is unlike anything I saw in the early years of my knitting.


I love movies and television- even reality tv. Though I believe myself to be a reality snob of sorts.  I only like what I like and everything else is stupid!  Ha. Some favourites of mine are: How I Met Your Mother, Top Chef, Project Runway, Game of Thrones, Community, 30 Rock and so on.  Musically I am a huge lifelong fan of Ben Folds, and I really enjoy Jack Johnson too.  Beyond that I’m pretty much stuck in a 1983-1997 musical rut.  I already feel like one of those old people who thinks music was way better in high school- so what if that was the 90’s?

Anyway- I hope that is enough that you feel sufficiently acquainted with me, lovely visitor to my little wordpress site.  Cheers!

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